Paul Mirocha UX Design

Intelligent technology relies on its user experience. In today’s increasingly software-driven world, trendy visuals and clean code aren’t enough. We need to consider the human element, which is primarily subjective and emotional. A deep understanding of our audience enables us to minimize the common friction, confusion, and information overload that erodes usefulness and brand loyalty.

Human-Centered Design
I employ usability testing, user personas, and user journey mapping to understand users’ motivations, goals, and pain points. I incorporate insights from watching people use a system and iterate based on real-world usage. This ensures that the software experiences I deliver are not just functional and efficient, but also satisfying and empowering.

Design Thinking
I advocate for design thinking and creative collaboration. Working with a team in a creative environment is important to me.

Motivated by a desire to contribute to our society, I have worked on numerous educational projects and collaborated with scientists making environmental data accessible to government entities.

Constant learning
I stay updated on design trends and technologies to leverage new tools and techniques. This enables me to push the boundaries of technology and create innovative, user-friendly designs.

My diverse background in graphic design, and illustration brings visual thinking, drawing skills and sharp eye for analyzing a design. As a UX designer my strengths are in keen observation, listening to understand, and making actionable insights that improve a system.


Paul’s resume

Technology is only as smart as its user experience.