Paul Mirocha UX Design

NEPAccess Case study 2024

A government agency published an environmental review when this LNG terminal was built. There’s a section about impacts on local fishermen.        How would you find a copy?   Murky to clear: user-centered design helps make a quagmire of government documents find-able by any citizen Summary This was a project of the Udall Center for Studies […]

Reading behavior for long-form text online

man reading a book and another reading on a laptop

How do people read on screens vs on printed paper? A analysis of on online literary magazine with a goal of increasing engaged long-form reading through design improvements.

Mobile app strategy and user flows

tumamoca app screen on iphone

Tumamoc Hill is a puzzle: a tiny piece of highly-protected desert surrounded by a growing city. If you compare it to Central Park in New York, there would be only one path through it, the rest of it off limits, left as much as possible in its natural state–before Europeans colonized it.

Usability slide deck: How well do people understand the weather?

Remote usability test slide deck title screen

Everyone talks about the weather–Weather Underground does something about it. a beautiful weather site packed with climate information. The site can be a bit intimidating for someone who is not a science geek. This usability study looks at the experience of new users.

Information architecture for a small town library

Wire frame for public library site home page

Library sites are complex and small town libraries often don’t have the resources to hire professional designers. The Upper Sandusky Library site had become cluttered over time by the accumulation of new content without an organization scheme. It was difficult for patrons to find the most commonly sought after information.

Personas: Student Life website

persona experience framework for Kent State University students-Alexis

Research shows that the non-academic aspects of student life play a large role in attracting a prospective student, encouraging them to enroll, maintaining a satisfying experience while a student, and loyalty after graduation. The Student Life section of the Kent State University website is meant to support students’ needs outside of class, yet is currently hard to navigate.

Content strategy analysis

mirocha-currentbyGE-content strategy assessment

The site ( is meant to be a content hub, a repository for informational articles about the switch to LED lighting. The goal is to promote Current as a thought leader in the field, and to create and track leads. A content hub can become the canonical place to find critical content on a particular topic all in one place. But, to achieve this, the content needs to be organized, structured, and have a consistent curated message.