Paul Mirocha UX Design

Personas: Student Life website

persona experience framework for Kent State University students-Alexis

Research shows that the non-academic aspects of student life play a large role in attracting a prospective student, encouraging them to enroll, maintaining a satisfying experience while a student, and loyalty after graduation. The Student Life section of the Kent State University website is meant to support students’ needs outside of class, yet is currently hard to navigate.

Content strategy analysis

mirocha-currentbyGE-content strategy assessment

The site ( is meant to be a content hub, a repository for informational articles about the switch to LED lighting. The goal is to promote Current as a thought leader in the field, and to create and track leads. A content hub can become the canonical place to find critical content on a particular topic all in one place. But, to achieve this, the content needs to be organized, structured, and have a consistent curated message.