Big-data search

No Comments is a web search portal for 50 years of lost scientific data created under NEPA, the National Environmental Policy Act. These documents are very useful for making decisions on public projects, yet can be difficult or impossible to find. To succeed the site has to be usable for five user groups or personas.

Mobile app strategy and user flows

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Tumamoc Hill is a puzzle: a tiny piece of highly-protected desert surrounded by a growing city. If you compare it to Central Park in New York, there would be only one path through it, the rest of it off limits, left as much as possible in its natural state–before Europeans colonized it.

Information architecture for a small town library

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Library sites are complex and small town libraries often don’t have the resources to hire professional designers. The Upper Sandusky Library site had become cluttered over time by the accumulation of new content without an organization scheme. It was difficult for patrons to find the most commonly sought after information.

Personas: Student Life website

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Research shows that the non-academic aspects of student life play a large role in attracting a prospective student, encouraging them to enroll, maintaining a satisfying experience while a student, and loyalty after graduation. The Student Life section of the Kent State University website is meant to support students’ needs outside of class, yet is currently hard to navigate.