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Competitive review

The research I did on the merchant payments industry indicated this should be a minimalist site. The whole topic is so complex, it calls out for simplifying. There is enough information on the site that prospective customers can educate themselves about the options for their business. The home page focuses on six different types and the best set-up for the needs of each.

I wanted to cut through all the technical jargon that was so common on similar sites and focus on a single call to action: the contact button. The site owners will explain it all for you in a personal meeting.

I designed the site in WordPress using the Enfold builder theme.


[button text=”View the entire report (pdf)” url=”https://paulmirocha.design/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/mirocha_comp-review-sample.pdf” target=”_blank” color=”#b94b11″ size=”big” icon=”doc-text”]

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