ENDURx Pharmacology site

EnduRx is a pre-clinical company developing a novel drug delivery platform using nanoparticles to target hard-to-treat cancers and other diseases. This technology aims to consentrate the medication on the tumor itself rather than flooding the entire body with toxic treatments. The Endurx CEO asked me to build a simple one page “calling card” site that … Read More

EMIGRA: The Complex Science of Migrating Species

In recent years, scientists have made major progress in our understanding of the world around us by considering nature and society as parts of a single interacting system. This coupled natural and human systems or social-ecological systems research seeks to understand these interactions and to develop innovative solutions to many resource management challenges.

Merchant Payments Site

[row] [column width=”6″] [section_title text=”Home page”] [/column] [column width=”6″] [section_title text=”Section page”] [/column] [/row] Competitive review The research I did on the merchant payments industry indicated this should be a minimalist site. The whole topic is so complex, it calls out for simplifying. There is enough information on the site that prospective customers can educate … Read More

Sketching a Home Page

My research on the real estate industry, a competitive review, and stakeholder interviews led me to focus on the client’s local knowledge. I recommended views of the local landscape for the landing page. The agent’s specialty was customers relocating from out of state, so I wanted to emphasize that strong sense of place to someone … Read More