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Upper-Sandusky Public Library

Project metadata
Project title Design research for a small town public library
Project summary summary
Company/client name  Public Library, Upper-Sandusky, Ohio / Kent State University
Project dates/time frame March-May 2017
Research Interviews, literature review
Deliverables personas, sitemap, wireframes
Tools used Balsamiq, Tree-test & 1st-click test by Optimal Workshop

I did this project in an Information Architecture class at Kent State University.

Project summary

Library sites are complex and small town libraries often don’t have to resources to hire professional designers. The Upper Sandusky Library site had become cluttered over time by the accumulation of new content without a strategy for organizing it. It was difficult for patrons to find the most commonly sought after information.

I analyzed the information structure of the current site and did a content inventory. Then I did a literature review of research on other library sites and interviewed several librarians. With this input, I designed a new site map, created personas, and tested the new navigation remotely with users. After revising the structure several times based on feedback, I created the wireframes shown in this report.

Analysis of the existing library home page to identify the problem areas.

New Site Map

New site map used to create the wireframes
A new site map used to create the wireframes

WIreframes for layout concepts

Wire frame for public library site home page
Home page
WIreframe for public library site showing drop down menus
Drop-down and mega-menus
WIreframe for public library site
Search results page

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