UX Design Process

About the UX Process

The UX or human-centered design process is usually defined in phases over time.

UX usually includes a DISCOVER, DEFINE, and DEVELOP phases. The DELIVER phase is done by visual designers and developers using the materials created in the first three phases as a guide. Normally this is a team process, but I can do a lean version as a “UX team of one,” and contract with other designer/developers.

Here is a simplified chart of what I might do in each stage, depending on the project. In actuality, it’s not so linear. Each stage may loop back onto the previous one in an iterative process, as ideas are tried out, discarded, and replaced with better ones.

Chart of Paul's user-centered design stages
Common UX design phases. In reality they loop back to previous phases as ideas are discarded and replaced with better designs.

You can download samples of UX strategy reports I have done here in PDF format.

Download a sample research report

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